Imbolc 2019

Blessed Imbolc 🌞🌱beloved’s!

Today we celebrate the sun overcoming the darkness with the Goddess Brigid bringing the eternal flame of divine inspiration and creation to stoke the fire within us all and welcome nearer, Spring! ⚡

🌱👸Brigid a fertility goddess as well as many other things like the goddess of the hearth, poetry, divination, midwifery, healing, wells and water, smithcraft and agriculture, as well as the arts and music. 🌱👸Brigid brings seeds, music, her flame and her cross. Owls, cows and lambs represent her as she is a mother to all. In 450BC she was made a Saint by Saint Patrick and she founded the church of the Oak (Kildare). She’s fond of the oak tree and it sometimes represents her and this time of year. ⚡

🌱👸Brigid means the “high one” or the “exaulted one” and is represented with the flame or rays behind her head. She was magickal and knew and taught divination although much of her actual history was perverted by christianity and the catholic church – I’ll revisit this with other goddesses. ⚡

🌱👸Brigid was born to Danu the all mother and Dagda the all father and they’re a people called the Tuatha Dé Denannon the tribe of the goddess Danu. This tribe was descended from earlier Nemed tribe who were of the Grigori, the watcher’s or “fallen angels” and they remained “god-like” on this realm. This and 5 other tribes complete the invaders of Ireland. It’s thought that they came from the north, Iceland perhaps where other folklore namely from the nörse show similar archetypes to that of Brigid (Freya, Frigg, etc) I will explore this further soon! ⚡

⚡The Tuathe Dé Dedannon are said to have gone into the hills, mountains and caves of Earth after losing a battle for Ireland and are now thought to be the elements and Fae people of earth living in a pocket dimension along side us in plane sight but most do not see them (due to vibration they vibrate much higher than 3D). ⚡

⚡Many blessings and fruitful planting this Imbolc as we seek the sun and bring light to the darkness. 🌞

Love & Light

Indigo Raven, Daughter of the Dragon 🐉♾🙏