New moon in Leo

New moon intentions

Moving forward in heart space. In order to do that we’ve got to bring love to our heart space and to triggers of abandonment, lack of self worth, self sabotage or simply being focused on the negative more than the positive.

Joy and unconditional heart space are the most effective ways to heal. We have so much to heal. We cannot harm each other or the earth or animals if we truly love them. The freedom comes in the loving ourselves and healing that heart space so that we no longer go along with things that harm our spirit or the things that feed our spirit, like mother Gaia! We take space from and detach from those things that no longer serve our highest and greatest. People will comment but we’re not disturbed, we embrace the beauty of change exposing them to a potential reality they didn’t think about prior to experiencing a bit of our conscious, now reality. I am in the now, the power of now in this now moment I am awake and present. I move all thoughts feelings and perceptions through my unconditionally loving heart space and heal any and all energy that comes in contact with my energy. I am that I am.

And so it is. You are blessed and divinely guided and protected. Move forward in heart space. Aśe!!

Indigo Raven, Daughter of the Dragon