Transmuting: My grandmother prayed for strength.

My grandmother prayed for strength. There are so many things a person can pray for, gifts, abundance, other people. My grandmother prayed for strength. She knew, like I knew and was taught through both the family line and experience that we must endure. So she prayed for strength. She could have prayed to change her fate! For the wisdom or clarity to change it! She prayed for strength.

That story she was told she felt it to her bone. She must endure hardship, war, blessings, everything must be endured. Where’s the fun in that? Are we allowed to feel fun? Her idea of fun was even skewed. Her feelings of joy, normal, stress all skewed.

What if we can let go of those programs. Passed down generation after generation a preconceived notion of what’s real and what’s to be fought for – hence what’s to be let go of. What if we prayed for or meditated on our souls freedom, for the ability to transmute and transform our debt and our karma. What if we noticed the absolute magick of this moment, this life. It feels less scary and I have more control and creative flow that will allow me the flexibility needed to transmute and transform energy.

Where are we placing our faith, our focus? What beliefs are actually limiting us? Maybe we don’t need to pray for strength, maybe it’s more about finding moments of joy amidst the struggle or even the day to day.

My grandmother prayed for strength. My mother prayed for strength, I prayed for strength, then clarity, then I recieved a vision. A vision of a reality that I could create. So I started focusing on what I found beautiful. The miracle of today. I gave myself a break from enduring and allowed the light in. I realized how I was gritting my teeth, holding my breath, holding tension in my body; my shoulders full of knots my stomach aching and bloated. I allowed in the light. I release any tension that no longer serves my highest and greatest. I allowed my trauma to transform into light, upgrading my every cell. I upgraded for my highest and greatest, awakening to the fact that enduring and only enduring, takes me away from my source, Spirit, divine white light that is infinite and immortal. It’s part of all of us, we are cocreaters and can learn how to better wield the light by awakening to our highest a and greatest.

My grandmother prayed for strength and I will not take her strength in vain. Her strength brought me here and I transmute her suffering and the suffering of our ancestry. Our family line steps into the light, incinerating the manifest energy from our lifetimes of trauma. Our trauma partly comes from not understanding our source, that we are source cocreating on this realm. For many reasons we have been told a very limited and limiting truth about our origins, world and our capabilities. We step forward with the light and transmute any lower vibrations releasing them to the light. We now allow joy by focusing on what we’re grateful for, like the miracle of today.

And so it is.

Indigo Raven, Daughter of the Dragon

Published by Indigo Raven

I am a Certified Holistic Healer and Usui Reiki Master and teacher. I use all of Spirits gifts- tarot, divination, astrology and alchemy in my healing and counseling. I love nature and use stones and crystals often. I study and adore folklore and mythology which you'll often hear me channel and discuss. So looking forward to connecting and helping you be the happiest, healthiest version of you. Blessed be and merry meet! ❤🙏

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